Zoom Bpousse Hair Growth Lotion
Zoom Bpousse Hair Growth Lotion

Bpousse Hair Growth Lotion


Product Information : 
La bpousse is a small lotion but very strong in result it allows to accelerate the growth of the hair, to stop the fall, to gain volume and to reinforce the hair. This new version is proven more effective than the previous version with a satisfaction rate of 94%. 

How can this 4 in 1 elixir help you achieve your goals? It's simple its 100% Natural composition is full of good made to stimulate growth bring volume strengthened hair stop the fall and beautify the quality of your hair.

How to use it:
 Applied every night to the roots then performed massages for 4 minutes.

After a study conducted on volunteer testers :

97% faster hair growth after two weeks of use.

89% less hair loss after two weeks of use.

92% volume gain after three weeks of use.

79% change in hair quality and strengthening.

Indications :
To be kept in a cool place.

Can be used on children and men (beard and hair)
Without essential oil.

Suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

Do not rinse to keep overnight.
For best results, apply morning and evening.

Its use is for between 1 and 2 months. 

Aqua/ gingiberi, cinnamomum, alium, cepa , caffeine , esum , Amino acida , Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 , E, Cadmiae, magnesii, ferrum ,Beta-ecdysone, stigmasterol, atque Spermatophyta glycosides, allantoin , Acidum Pfaffic, saponosides , Anthocyanins, polyphenols, Vitaminum C, fructus acida, sugars and mucilages , Hydrolyzed dapibus triticum , Moringa folium pulveris oleifera , Equisetum arvense pulveris , Hyssopus officinalis radix pulveris


Bpousse Hair Growth Lotion